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Location Photography
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Green Screen

For quite some time we've experimented with the use of a "green screen".
Just like your favorite weather person on television, you pose in front
of a backdrop that is literalty green in color. Yes, stopping at this point
in the process usually makes for a very unflattering photograph. But, the smooth
solid green color makes it easier to cut out your image and place it in front of
your choice of backdrops. That means we can take one pose of you then do 
anything from placing you in front of a traditional studio backdrop to placing 
you on a beach in Jamacia. There's nothing like viewing your proofs from a 
photo session and deciding that favorite red shirt or blouse doesn't look so
great in front of a blue backdrop. No problem. A gray backdrop with a touch
of red or maroon will make you look your best. 

The problem with green screen in the past has been it still took a great amount 
of photo editing time to really make the final photograph look realistic.
A new software purchase this year has made green screen photography a
great option for our clients. We have well over 1000 very high quality digital files
of traditional studio backdrops, urban settings, nature settings, grunge, etc.
We also continue to add to the background collection by photographing familiar
places in the metro Denver area. Check out our "Backgrounds" web page for 
some samples and examples.


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